Friday, 28 February 2014

Nittaku Septear Blade Review

Nittaku's are well knowns for its capability in making finest table tennis blade, regardless previous Violin, Acoustic series or latest Barwell and Adelie series, there are all arts. However, Hinoki wood racket is already an art, and this has illustrated by Septear. 
7 Ply purely Hinoki Wood blade is quite rare in the market, this is because of its material cost is high; normaly manufacturer will use Hinoki as outer ply which they can sell it with highest price, secondly it is not easy to make a good hinoki blade and really test the maker's capability. 
Septear is a Soft 7 Ply, sharp feel, larger deformation and dwell time and long trajectory which inheret Hinoki wood's special "explosive fast" feel. Good in continuous looping game and easy control.

- "Table Tennis World" Magazine 201309

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